EPRG 1406

Stephen Littlechild

The competition assessment framework for the retail energy sector: some concerns about the proposed interpretation

EPRG 1406 | Abstract  | PDF

Energy, Politics and the Consumer: British Academy, 3 April 2014

As the national debate on fuel bills and living standards continues, the YouGov-Cambridge Programme launched a special report on ‘Energy, Politics and the Consumer‘ with an evening event at the British Academy on Thursday 3rd April. The evening covered a range of subjects, including: the reputation of energy companies in the UK and how toContinue Reading

Explanatory Statement on the Regulatory Conduct Authority’s Occasional Paper 1

There was a wide variety of responses to “Applying behavioural economics at the Regulatory Conduct Authority”, Occasional Paper 1, published on 1 April 2014. These ranged from support for or concern about the RCA’s proposed policy, through the enigmatic “thank you, very interesting”, to “fantastic, brilliant”. But I suspect that a large number of readersContinue Reading

Sorry Ofgem: Why simpler energy tariffs are not in consumers’ interests–City A.M. article by Stephen Littlechild

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Professor Stephen Littlechild, EPRG Research Associate, contributes to the first working paper of the Regulatory Conduct Authority (RCA).

Download PDF Here A rapidly growing literature on behavioural economics shows that some errors made by regulators are persistent and predictable. Behavioural economics uses insights from psychology to explain why regulators behave the way they do. Behavioural biases can cause regulators to misjudge important facts or to be inconsistent. Regulators left to themselves will oftenContinue Reading

LNG Pricing Worldwide and Gas Markets Reform

Chi Kong Chyong LNG Pricing Worldwide and Gas Markets Presented to the Russia LNG Congress, 13-14 March, 2014  |  PDF

EPRG 1405

Tooraj Jamasb and Rabindra Nepal Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network Security EPRG 1405 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

UK Renewables Demonstration Projects: Who Pulls the Plug?

Jon Stern UK Renewables Demonstration Projects: Who Pulls the Plug? Letters & Notes On Regulation–Number 3.1 | Published February, 2014 | PDF |

EPRG 1404

Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. Pollitt Does Weather Have an Impact on Electricity Distribution Efficiency? Evidence from South America EPRG 1404 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Trust and European-Russian Energy Relations – The Case of Oil and Gas Partnerships and Long Term Contracts

Marc Ozawa Trust and European-Russian Energy Relations – The Case of Oil and Gas Partnerships and Long Term Contracts February, 2014 | PDF

Planetary Economics Book Launch, 10th March 2014,

PLANETARY ECONOMICS Energy, Climate Change and the Three Domains of Sustainable Development By Michael Grubb Launch meeting on 10th March 2014, 6-7.30pm, Beves Room, Kings College, Cambridge Chair:  Lord Martin Rees, former President, Royal Society and Master, Trinity College Cambridge Presentation:  Michael Grubb Respondents: Sir David King (UK Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative on Climate Change andContinue Reading

DG COMP reviews the State Aid application by Hinkley Point C, Associate Research Richard Green provides the analytic underpinning

DG COMP reviews the State Aid application by Hinkley Point C here and Associate Research Richard Green provides the analytic underpinning here

EPRG 1403

Jorge E. Galán and Michael G. Pollitt Inefficiency persistence and heterogeneity in Colombian electricity distribution utilities EPRG 1403 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

EPRG 1402

Rahmatallah Poudineh, Grigorios Emvalomatis, and Tooraj Jamasb Dynamic Efficiency and Incentive Regulation: An Application to Electricity Distribution Networks EPRG 1402 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

EPRG 1401

Pär Holmberg and Andy Philpott Supply function equilibria in transportation networks EPRG 1401 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

EPRG-DG ENER Workshop 9-10 January, 2014

DG ENER and EPRG collaborated on a join workshop that took place 9-10 January in Cambridge, United Kingdom.  There was a dinner held at Clare College the evening of the 9th, including a key-note speech by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (DG ENER, Director Unit B) and a full-day seminar at Memorial Court, Clare College on the 10th. Continue Reading

EPRG 1334

Claire M. Weiller, Michael G. Pollitt Platform markets and energy services EPRG 1334  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

2013 EPRG Winter Seminar

EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2013 Winter Seminar with NERA Economic Consulting.  EPRG and NERA hosted delegates to a dinner at Christs College on the 12th of December followed by a full-day seminar at Memorial Court, Clare College.   Please click here to view the presentations from the seminar.

EPRG 1333

Nadia Chernenko Market power issues in the reformed Russian electricity supply industry EPRG1333 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Annex E: EMR Panel of Technical Experts, Final Report for DECC

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Laura-Lucia Richter Social Effects in the Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK EPRG1332 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Rahmatallah Poudineh and Tooraj Jamasb Distributed Generation, Storage, Demand Response, and Energy Efficiency as Alternatives to Grid Capacity Enhancement EPRG 1331  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

EPRG 1329

Jean-Michel Glachant and Arthur Henriot Melting-pots and salad bowls: the current debate on electricity market design for RES integration EPRG1329 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

EPRG 1328

Marta Rocha, Michelle Baddeley and Michael G. Pollitt Addressing self-disconnection among prepayment energy consumers: A behavioural approach EPRG1328 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Musiliu O Oseni, Michael G Pollitt, David M Reiner, Laura-Lucia Richter, Kong Chyong and Michelle Baddeley 2013 EPRG Public Opinion Survey: Smart Energy – Attitudes and Behaviours EPRG1327 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Musiliu O. Oseni, Michael G. Pollitt The Economic Costs of Unsupplied Electricity: Evidence from Backup Generation among African Firms EPRG1326 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Thomas Greve and Michael G. Pollitt Determining the optimal length of regulatory guarantee: A Length-of-Contract Auction EPRG1325 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Thomas Greve and Michael G. Pollitt Network Procurement Auctions EPRG1324 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Robert W. Hahn and Robert A. Ritz Does the Social Cost of Carbon Matter?: An Assessment of U.S. Policy EPRG1323 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Rabindra Nepal and Tooraj Jamasb Energy Efficiency in Market versus Planned Economies: Evidence from Transition Countries EPRG1322 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


M.C. Grimston and W.J. Nuttall The Siting of UK Nuclear Power Installations EPRG 1321  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. Pollitt Finding the Optimal Approach for Allocating and Realising Distribution System Capacity: Deciding between Interruptible Connections and Firm DG Connections EPRG1320 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

ENEL Foundation Press Release

Press Release “The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), a joint research centre based in Cambridge Judge Business School and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge recently received £190,000 as a donation from the Enel Foundation to support a two-year research project on “Zero Subsidy Scenarios and International Natural Gas Markets”. The projectContinue Reading

EPRG 1319

Nadia Chernenko The Russian electricity supply industry: from reform to reform? EPRG1319 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF


David M Newbery and Thomas Greve The strategic robustness of mark-up equilibria EPRG1318 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF