Previous PhD Students

 Thea Jung, 2019-2023, ‘A systems perspective to sectoral sustainability transitions – Empirical analyses of   decarbonisation processes in the cement industry‘, supervisors – Laura Diaz Anadon and Jorge Viñuales,   Dept of Land Economy

 Lukas Gast, 2019-2023, ‘The potential contribution of industrial symbiosis to greenhouse gas emissions   mitigation‘, supervisor – Julian Allwood

 Sukhgeet Kaur, 2019-2022, ‘Unlocking energy-water nexus and incentivizing energy-saving behavior in   Indian agriculture – Discrete choice approach‘, supervisor – Michael Pollitt

 Zeina Hasna, 2017-2022,’Essays in Macroeconomics and Climate Change Mitigation’, supervisors – Tiago   Cavalcanti and Kamiar Mohaddes

Ramit Debnath, 2019-2021, ‘Invisible drivers of energy demand in poverty‘, supervisor – Minna Sunikka-Blank
Wei Zhou, 2017-2021, ‘Policy instruments to decarbonise buildings‘, supervisors – Alice Moncaster and David Reiner
Jieyi Kang, 2016-2021, ‘Assessing the impacts of residential electricity reforms in China on consumers using data mining approaches‘, supervisor – D. Reiner
Eoghan O’Neill, 2017-2020, ‘Essays on Tree-based Methods for Prediction and Causal Inference‘, supervisor – Melvyn Weeks
Bowei Guo, 2017-2020, ‘The British Energy Market Reform: Carbon Prices, Retail Tariffs, and Cost Pass-through‘, supervisor – Melvyn Weeks
Geoffroy Dolphin, 2015-2020, ‘Strategies for climate change mitigation: policy and technological considerations‘, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Chung-Hun Yang, 2017-2019, ‘FDI in the energy sector and trans-national environmental contracts‘, supervisor – Jorge Vinuales
Peter Levy, 2015-2018, ‘Uncertainty in levelised cost estimates for electricity generation’, supervisor – Jonathan Cullen
Felix Grey, 2015-2017, ‘Corporate Lobbying for Environmental Protection’, supervisor – Toke Aidt
Yusuf O. Ali, 2015-2017, ‘Electricity Supply Policies for Nigeria: Encouraging Strategic Planning and Technology Leapfrogging’, supervisor – John Miles
Tae-Hoon Kim, 2015-2017, ‘The politics of power generation and fuel in the UK, 1961-1989’, supervisor – Martin Daunton
Rosemary Ostfeld, 2014-2017, ‘Biomass resource availability for biofuel production’, supervisors – David Howarth and David Reiner
Laura-Lucia Richter, 2012-2015, ‘Econometric analysis of consumer preferences in the context of the integration of microgeneration and smart grid technologies into the electricity system’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Musiliu Oseni, 2011-2015, ‘Essays on Self-Generation and Payments for Quality of Service in Electricity Markets’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Claire Weiller, 2010-2015, ‘Business model innovation in an emerging ecosystem: Electric vehicle diffusion,’ supervisor – M. Pollitt
Jim Krane, 2010-2013, ‘Stability versus Sustainability: Energy Policy in the Gulf Monarchies, supervisors – D. Reiner and P. Noel
Aoife Brophy Haney, 2009-2012, ‘Analysis of corporate energy and climate policies’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Philipp-Bastian Brutscher, 2009-2012, ‘The Energy Use of Low-Income Households‘, supervisor – D. Newbery
Nadezda Chernenko, 2009-2012, ‘Essays on the Russian Electricity Industry’, supervisor – D. Newbery
Scott Kelly, 2009-2011, ‘Modelling energy demand in the UK’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Philipp Koenig, 2009-2014, ‘Price interdependence in Northwest European natural gas markets’, supervisors – D. Newbery
Erkan Erdogdu, 2009-2012, ‘International Evidence on Electricity Reform’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Christian Winzer, 2008-2012, ‘Defining, Measuring and Regulating Energy Security’, supervisor – D. Ralph
Raphael Heffron, 2008-2011, ‘Policy for New-Build Nuclear Power Stations in the EU & the US’, supervisor – W. Nuttall
Elcin Akcura, 2007-2010, ‘Evaluating Alternative Methods for Preference Elicitation with Application to Electricity and Water Sectors’, supervisor – D. Reiner
Karim Anaya, 2007-2010, ‘Evaluation of electricity reform in Peru’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Jin Hooi Chan, 2007-2010, Evolution of biofuel value chain governance and government policy: the cases of China, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam’, supervisor – D. Reiner
Rutger-Jan Lange, 2007-2010, ‘Energy Markets and Carbon Emissions’, supervisor – D. Ralph
Chi Kong Chyong, 2007-2011, Russia’s Strategic Natural Gas Export Policy: The Case of GAZPROM’s “Bypass” Pipelines, supervisor – D. Reiner and P. Noel
Aurelie Mejean, 2006-2009, ‘Alternative Fuels for Transport: The Potential of Non-Conventional Oil and Biofuels’, supervisor – C. Hope and M. Grubb
Thomas Triebs, 2006-2010, ‘Environmental efficiency of electric utilities’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
Vlad Parail, 2006-2010, ‘Evaluation of Market-based Investment in Electricity Transmission Infrastructure’, supervisor – D. Newbery
Tao Zhang, 2006-2010, ‘Agent Based Simulation of Energy Trends’, supervisor – W. Nuttall
Xi Liang, 2006-2009, ‘Financing Lower Carbon Electricity in China and Financing Capture Ready: Issuing a Tradeable Capture Option’, supervisor – D. Reiner
Christian Wolf, 2005-2008, ‘Efficiency of State Owned Oil Companies’, supervisor – M. Pollitt
William Yu, 2004-2008, ‘Security of Supply in Electricity Systems’ , supervisor – M. Pollitt
Hongliang Yang, 2004-2007, ‘Eco-efficiency of Chinese Electric Power Plants’, supervisor – M. Pollitt