Wei Zhou

PhD Student, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Email: [email protected]

Supervisor: Alice Moncaster and David Reiner

Research Topic: Policy instruments to decarbonise buildings

Research Interests: energy policy, clean technologies, climate change mitigation/adaptation, system dynamics, agent-based modelling, building science, climate finance, emissions trading

Biography: Wei is a PhD student in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. After completing his MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development, Wei proceeded to his PhD research relating to modelling policy instruments to decarbonise buildings with a particular focus on China. Prior to Cambridge, Wei worked at the Asian Development Bank headquartered in the Philippines for over 7 years, where he took various technical positions under ADB’s Carbon Market Program, Clean Energy Program and regional/national technical assistance projects in developing countries across Asia and the Pacific. Wei also has working experience with Arup Hong Kong on building physics and private consulting firms on carbon finance in energy, transport, waste, mining, industry and agriculture sectors. Wei received a BEng from Tsinghua University, China and a MS degree (by research) from National University of Singapore.


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