Chi Kong Chyong’s Publications

  • Chi Kong Chyong: Ukraine and Security of Gas Supplies to Europe, Presented at the 2014 EPRG-CEEPR Annual Conference, Madrid 2 July 2014 | PDF
  • Chi Kong Chyong: LNG Pricing Worldwide and Gas Markets, Presented to the Russia LNG Congress, 13-14 March, 2014  |  PDF
  • Musiliu O Oseni, Michael G Pollitt, David M Reiner, Laura-Lucia Richter, Kong Chyong and Michelle Baddeley: 2013 EPRG Public Opinion Survey: Smart Energy – Attitudes and Behaviours, EPRG1327 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
  • Chi-Kong Chyong and Benjamin F. Hobbs: Strategic Eurasian Natural Gas Model for Energy Security and Policy Analysis, EPRG 1115 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
  • Chi Kong Chyong, Pierre Noёl and David M. Reiner: The Economics of the Nord Stream Pipeline System, EPRG 1026 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
  • Pierre Noel, Sachi Findlater, and Kong Chyong Chi: Gas Security Policies in the Baltic States: Cost and Political Choices Conference on Energy Security in the Baltic Region, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Tallinn, Presented 11 October 2010 | Download PDF
  • Chi Kong Chyong, David M. Reiner and William J. Nuttall: Dynamics of the UK Natural Gas Industry:  System Dynamics Modelling and Long-Term Energy Policy Analysis, EPRG 0913 Non-Technical Summary | PDF
  • Chi Kong Chyong, William Nuttall, David Reiner: Dynamics of the UK natural gas industry: System dynamics modeling and long-term energy policy analysis, Technological Forecasting and Social Change 76(3) 2009, 339-357, Available at: ScienceDirect