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EPRG Working Paper 2036

David Newbery Club goods and a tragedy of the commons: the Clean Energy Package and wind curtailment Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | Text Previously published as “The distortionary cost of marginal wind curtailment” on 1 December 2020, this paper was revised and renamed in January 2021 An updated version of WP2036 published in April 2022… Continue Reading

EPRG Working Paper 2005

Bowei Guo and David Newbery The cost of carbon leakage: Britain’s Carbon Price Support and cross-border electricity trade Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | Text This Working Paper has replaced EPRG WP#1918 published in June 2019. It was previously published as The Cost of Trade Distortion: Britain’s Carbon Price Support and Cross-border Electricity Trade Also Published… Continue Reading