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Zeina Hasna

PhD student, Faculty of Economics Email: Supervisor: Tiago Cavalcanti Research Topic: Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Distributional and Allocative Effects Biography: Zeina Hasna is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics. Zeina’s research interests span topics on environment economics, macroeconomic development, inequality and growth. Zeina’s current research focuses on the economic effects of climate… Continue Reading

Ramit Debnath

PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge E-mail: Supervisor: Minna Sunikka-Blank Research topic: Invisible drivers of energy demand in poverty Research interest: Energy systems and governance; engineering for sustainable development; energy policy and poverty alleviation Biography: Ramit is an aspiring sustainability scientist with a background in engineering for sustainability development which shapes his… Continue Reading

S. Littlechild latest submission to CMA

Stephen Littlechild has responded to the CMA’s invitation to comment on its Provisional Decision in its Review of the Prepayment Charges Restriction Order 2016. His response “Why so hasty?” argues against the CMA’s recommendation that Ofgem should extend the duration of the price cap, and suggests instead that Ofgem should be encouraged to review the… Continue Reading

Book “Institutions and Macroeconomic Policies in Resource-Rich Arab Economies” edited and contributed by K. Mohaddes, J. Nugent and H. Selim

The book “Institutions and Macroeconomic Policies in Resource-Rich Arab Economies”, edited by Kamiar Mohaddes (EPRG Associate Researcher), Jeffrey B. Nugent (University of Southern California) and Hoda Selim (International Monetary Fund), has been published by Oxford University Press in May 2019. In addition to editing the book, Kamiar Mohaddes also co-authored the following chapters: Chapter 1.… Continue Reading

Presentation “Oil Revenue Volatility, Sanctions and Mismanagement: Lessons from Iran” by K. Mohaddes

Kamiar Mohaddes gave a presentation ” Oil Revenue Volatility, Sanctions and Mismanagement: Lessons from Iran” at the International Iranian Economic Association’s (IIEA) Sixth International Conference on the Iranian Economy in Naples, Italy, hosted by the University of Naples “L’Orientale” on 16-17 May, 2019 | PDF Continue Reading

2019 EPRG Spring Seminar

EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2019 Spring Seminar in partnership with FTI Consulting and Compass Lexecon Energy. On May 9, 2019 EPRG hosted delegates to dinner at Robinson College, and on May 10, 2019 for a full-day seminar at Clare College. Programme PANEL SESSION: CAPACITY MARKETS – LEGAL ISSUES AND PAN-EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE Chair:… Continue Reading

Lukas Gast

PhD Student, Department of Engineering E-mail: Supervisor: Professor Julian Allwood Research topic: Industrial by-products and industrial symbiosis Research interests: energy policy, energy systems, industrial processes, material efficiency, circular economy; Biography:  Lukas is a PhD student at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. He previously studied Industrial Engineering at TU Berlin and KTH Stockholm. He joined the Use… Continue Reading

Tahamina Khanam

Visiting Researcher, University of Eastern Finland, Finland E-mail: Supervisor: David Reiner Research Interests: Bioenergy and bioeconomy, Climate change and negative carbon emissions, Econometric and mathematical analysis of structural changes Continue Reading

Report “Savings available in the retail energy market and the Overall Customer Service score” by S. Littlechild

In his recent report Stephen Littlechild finds that some of the savings apparently available in the retail energy market are questionable, and suggests the calculation of an Overall Customer Service score to inform customers who are considering changing supplier | PDF Continue Reading

Podcast “A ‘tough sell’: why it is so difficult to address climate change on a global scale” by M. Pollitt and D. Reiner

Michael Pollitt and David Reiner recorded a podcast  “A ‘tough sell’: why it is so difficult to address climate change on a global scale” as part of the “Cambridge Judge Business School Debate” series. This podcast focuses on energy policy – the nature of the challenges, the difficulty in addressing climate change, and a few… Continue Reading

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