Research themes

EPRG produces world-class academic research on a wide range of energy and environmental policy issues, in three broad areas:

  1. Economics of electricity and natural gas markets
    Research themes include Electricity market design and competition; Market interconnection and coupling; Future role of hydrogen; Global Gas Market Modelling; Electricity Market Modelling; Global LNG markets; Network regulation and pricing; Smart grids and meters; Energy storage; Demand, consumers, and communities.
  2. Economics of climate change policy, especially carbon pricing and technology policy
    Research themes include: Research, development & deployment of low-carbon technologies including CCS, nuclear, and renewables; Net-zero targets, greenhouse gas removal, and negative emissions; Emissions trading and carbon pricing; Sector coupling; Low-carbon investment; Competitiveness and climate policy; International cooperation and engagement.
  3. Political economy of energy and climate change policy
    Research themes include: Energy security and international relations; Public attitudes, acceptability and values; Retail electricity markets and consumer switching; Public communication of new technologies; Processes of governance and decision-making in energy and climate policy; Distributional impacts of regulation and energy taxation.

Research outputs

EPRG publishes around 30 working papers per year. Our research archive, of 500+ papers since our beginnings in 2002, is accessible. Many of these papers are published as articles in academic journals following peer review.

EPRG researchers have also published a number of edited volumes:

  1. Handbook on Electricity Markets

Since 2005, EPRG has supported the completion of almost 40 Cambridge PhD dissertations on energy and environmental policy issues.

Research Funding

Research Themes