EPRG welcomes applications for membership from Cambridge PhD Students who are working on energy-related topics.

The benefits of being a member of EPRG:

1. Free invitation to our stakeholder conferences and dinners. This will give you an opportunity to meet with colleagues from academia, industry and government agencies working on energy issues;

2. The possibility of applying for EPRG funding to attend energy-related conferences or to cover research expenses;

3. The opportunity to publish in our EPRG working paper series and present your work more widely and to collaborate with other members on joint publications.


We accept applications for membership under the following conditions:

1. You should be registered as a full-time PhD Student of the University of Cambridge.

2. You are expected to publish at least 1 (one) EPRG Working Paper by the time you complete your PhD.

3. You should attend our weekly Energy and Environment seminars.

4. You should attend our bi-annual team meeting where all EPRG colleagues gather to discuss their research progress and near term outlook.


We will review your membership status based on the above criteria every year.