Other Papers-2007

Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt

Incentive regulation of electricity distribution networks: Lessons of experience from Britain

Energy Policy 35 (12) 2007, 6163-6187. Available at ScienceDirect



William Nuttall, Ian Farnan, RJM Konings, David Hamilton

Options for the Long Term Management of Separated Plutonium
Special Issue of Progress in Nuclear Energy, 49, 8, pp 567-650, Edited Project

Published November 2007 | Available at sciencedirect.com

William Nuttall, Ian Farnan, RJM Konings, David Hamilton

The management of separated plutonium: An introduction
Paper in: Long Term management options for Separated Plutonium
Special Issue of Progress in Nuclear Energy, 49, 8, pp 568-573, RPR

Published November 2007 | Available at sciencedirect.com

N Angenendt, C Growitsch, Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt, M Stronzik

Konzeptionierung eines Vergleichsverfahrens für Gasfernleitungsnetzbetreiber auf Grundlage des § 26 GasNEV
WIK-Consult Studie für die Bundesnetzagentur

Published 15 October 2007 | Available at bundesnetzagentur.de

Alexandre Bredimas, WilliamNuttall

Les Systèmes Réglementaires pour les Nouveaux Projets de Centrales Nucléaires dans Sept Pays: une Analyse Comparée
Revue Générale Nucléaire, Volume 2007, No. 5, pp 68-76, RPR

Published September-October 2007

Pierre Noel

China’s rise, energy and security
Asia Pacific Security Forum, Taipai, Taiwan, 30-31 August 2007

Download | Summary | PDF

William J. Nuttall, Ian Farnan, Rudy Konings, David Hamilton

The Management of Separated Plutonium: An Introduction

Published on 28 August 2007 | Available at CESSA

Pierre Noel

Oil majors can thrive despite state monopolies

Published on 10 August 2007 | Published online August 2007 | Available at us.ft.com

Michael Colombier, Karsten Neuhoff

Roundtable 1: Sectoral Agreements and Output-based Allocation

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Karsten Neuhoff

Roundtable 3: Impact of CO2 Price Uncertainty on Investment Decisions

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Karsten Neuhoff, Susan Droege

Final Workshop: International Strategies to Address Competitiveness Concerns

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Tooraj Jamasb

Technical Change Theory and Learning Curves: Patterns of Progress in Energy Technologies
The Energy Journal, Volume 28, Issue 3, 51-71

Published July 2007

William Nuttall

Why is nuclear power baseload?
EU Energy Policy Blog

Published 1 July 2007 | Available at energypolicyblog.com

Pierre Noel

The EU-Russia Natural Gas Relationship: Challenges and Policy Response
Testimony to the Joint US Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (“Helsinki Commission”), US Congress, 25 June 2007

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Stephen Littlechild

A Proposal for a Balancing Market to Determine Cash Out Prices

Published 17 April 2007 | PDF

Stephen Littlechild

Electricity Cash Out Arrangements

Published 9 March 2007 | Available at ofgem.gov.uk

Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt

La réglementation incitative des réseaux de distribution électriques au Royaume-Uni (Incentive Regulation of Electricity Distribution Networks in the UK)
La Vie économique: Revue de politique économique, Département Fédéral de l’économie DFE – Secrétariat d’État à l’économie SECO, Confédération Suisse, 12-14

Published March 2007

Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt

Incentive Regulation and Benchmarking of Electricity Distribution Networks: From Britain to Switzerland
Paper prepared for the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Published 13 February 2007| Available at seco.admin.ch
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Nigel Cornwall

Cash-out Review 2007 – An Independent Perspective

Published February 2007 | Available at ofgem.gov.uk

William Nuttallk

Nuclear Renaissance Requires Nuclear Enlightenment
Chapter 16 of: Nuclear or Not? Editor: D Elliot, Palgrave, Chapter of PRB

Published 30 January 2007

Jean-Charles Hourcade, Damien Damailly, Karsten Neuhoff, Misato Sato
Contributing authors: Michael Grubb, Felix Matthes, Verena Graichen

Differentiation and Dynamics of EU ETS Industrial Competitiveness Impacts: Final Report (2007)

Download | Summary | PDF

Misato Sato, Michael Grubb, Jim Cust, Anna Korppoo, Katie Chan, Pablo Ceppi

Differentiation and dynamics of competitiveness impacts from the EU ETS (2007)

Published 2007 | Available at climatestrategies.org