Other Papers-2009

Michael Grubb

Why the EU was so ineffectual in Copenhagen

Published 29 Dicember 2009 | Available at ft.com

Stephen Littlechild

RPI–X Regulation: Ofgem’s RPI-X@20 Review and the Scope for More Customer Involvement
ACCC Network, Issue 34

December 2009 | PDF

Liang, X., Reiner, D., Gibbins, J., Li, J.

Assessing the value of CO2 Capture Ready in New-build Pulverised Coal-fired Power Plants in China

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 3 (6) 2009, page 787-792

Available at Science Direct

Stephen Littlechild

Australian airport regulation
Ofgem RPI-X@20 Web Forum

29 November 2009 | PDF

Stephen Littlechild

Consumer involvement, ex post regulation and customer appeal mechanisms
Ofgem RPI-X@20 Web Forum

29 November 2009 | PDF

Laurent Pouret, Nigel Buttery and William Nuttall

Is Nuclear Power Inflexible?
Nuclear Future, 5, (6) pp. 333-341 and pp. 343-344

November 2009

J. Steinbuks and V.  Foster

When do firms generate? Evidence on in-house electricity supply in Africa
Energy Economics (article in press)

2009 | Available at Science Direct

David Reiner and Xi Liang

Stakeholder perceptions of demonstrating CCS in China
Part of the UK-EU-China Near Zero Emissions Coal (NZEC) project

12 November 2009 | Summary Available at NZEC | Download PDF

Yu, W., Jamasb, T. and Pollitt, M

Willingness-to-Pay for Quality of Service: An Application to Efficiency Analysis of the UK Electricity Distribution Utilities
The Energy Journal, Vol.30 (4), pp.1-48

2009 | Avaliable at IAEE

William Nuttall

Euratom reform has part to play in EU’s energy policy plans
Research Europe, Page 8

Published 1 October 2009 | PDF

Michael Grubb

Copenhagen: The Darkest Hour

Published 1 October 2009 | Available at Earthscan

Yang, H. and Pollitt, M

Incorporating Both Undesirable Outputs and Uncontrollable Variables into DEA: the Performance of Chinese Coal-Fired Power Plants
European Journal of Operational Research, Vol.197 (3), pp.1095-1105

16 September 2009 | Avaliable at ScienceDirect

David Newbery

Market design for a large share of wind power
Energy Policy

15 August 2009 | Available online at Science Direct

Michael Pollitt

Keep your hands off the markets, Mr Miliband
Parliamentary Brief, Vol.12, Issue 4, pp.15-16.

Published on 24 March 2009 | Available at Parliamentary Brief

Paul Twomey and Karsten Neuhoff

Wind power and market power in competitive markets

Energy Policy 38(7) 2010, Pages 3198-3210

Available at ScienceDirect

David Newbery, David Reiner, Tooraj Jamasb, Richard Steinberg, Flavio Toxvaerd, Pierre Noel

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS): Analysis of Incentives and Rules in a European Repeated Game Situation

01 June 2009 | Report available from DECC

Noel, P., Findlater, S.

A comment on the draft EU Regulation on gas supply security
Electricity Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge

July 2009 | PDF

Michael Grubb, Aoife Brophy Haney and James Wilde

Plugging the gap in energy efficiency policies: the emergence of the UK ‘Carbon Reduction Commitment’

European Review of Energy Markets, 3 (2), 33-62

June 2009

Aoife Brophy Haney, Ian Cragg-Hine, Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt and David Wing

Smart meter roll-out: Risk and Optimism Bias

Report to DECC

Published on 11 May 2009 | Available from DECC

P Noel

European Gas Security After The Crisis
Brussels, April 09

Download | Summary | PDF

Michael Pollitt

Michael Pollitt’s report for Ofgem on Fixed Line Telecoms Regulations

Report available from Ofgem

Tim Laing, Sudhir Junankar, Hector Pollitt, Michael Grubb

Global Carbon Mechanisms Annex II: Emissions and Demand projections to 2020

Published March 2009  |  Available from Carbon Trust

Michael Grubb

Reinforcing carbon markets under uncertainty
Climate Strategies Issues and Options Brief

Published 4 March 2009  |  Available from Climate Strategies

David NewberyKarsten Neuhoff

EPRG Submissions to the Environmental Audit Committee

March 2009 | Avaliable here

Michael Pollitt

Evaluating the evidence on electricity reform: Lessons for the South East Europe (SEE) market
Utilities Policy,17 (1), 13–23

Published 01 March 2009

David Newbery

David Newbery’s response to the launch of the UK government’s consultation on the Severn Barrage

February 2009 | Avaliable here

Nigel Cornwall and Stephen Littlechild

Regulating energy networks for the future: RPI-X@20 Principles, Process and Issues
Report to Ofgem

Published on 27 February 2009 | Available at Ofgem

P Noel, A Wilson, N Popescu

The Future of EU – Russia Relations: A way forward in solidarity and the rule of law
European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs

Published February 2009 | Available at European Parliament

Liang, X., Reiner, D., Gibbins, J., Li, J.

Getting New Coal-fired Power Plants Ready for Carbon Capture and Storage in China by the Concept of Issuing Options
Environment and Planning A, 2009

Published 2009

William Nuttall

When were the first signs of the nuclear renaissance?
Energy Policy Blog

Published 28 September 2008 | Available at energypolicyblog.com

Pierre Noel

Russian threats are just gas

Published 2 September 2008 | Available at ecfr.eu