Other Papers-2010

Stephen Littlechild

German Airport Regulation: framework agreements, civil law and the EU Directive

October 2010 | PDF

Stephen Littlechild

Australian Airport Regulation: exploring the frontier

October 2010 | PDF

Stephen Littlechild

The Nature of Competition and the Regulatory Process

October 2010 | PDF

Robin W. Grimes and William J. Nuttall

Generating the Option of a Two-Stage Nuclear Renaissance
In Science Magazine: Vol. 329. no. 5993, pp. 799 – 803

13 August 2010 | Available at Science

Pierre Noel and Michael Pollitt

Don’t Lose Power
Parliamentary Brief, Vol.12, Issue 11, pp.6-8.

Published on 23 July 2010 | Available at Parliamentary Brief

Michael Pollitt

Input Methodologies
Expert Review of the New Zealand Commerce Commission’s Draft Decisions and Reasons for Electricity Distribution Services and Gas Pipeline Services

Published in July 2010 I PDF

Harry van der Weijde

Renewable energy is of growing importance, but shouldn’t we be re-modelling our electricity grids, too?

Published 14 June 2010 | Available at commentvisions.com

George Yarrow, Martin Cave, Michael Pollitt, John Small

Asset Valuation in Workably Competitive Markets: An Report to the New Zealand Commerce Commission

Report available from the New Zealand Commerce Commission

Michael Grubb, Tim Laing, Thomas Counsell, Catherine Willan

Global Carbon Mechanisms: Lessons and Implications
Climatic Change, Article in Press

Available at SpringerLink

Michael Grubb

Causes for optimism

Published 30 March 2010 | Available at chinadialogue.com

Michael Pollitt

Ofgem ‘discovers’ how not to meet EU carbon targets
Parliamentary Brief, Vol.12, Issue 8, pp.19-20.

Published on 30th March 2010 | Available at Parliamentary Brief

Filip Johnsson, David Reiner, Kenshi Itaoka and Howard Herzog

Stakeholder attitudes on Carbon Capture and Storage – An International Comparison

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 4 (2) 2010, page 410-41

Available at ScienceDirect

Pierre Noel

Ensuring success for the EU Regulation on gas supply security
Electricity Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge, February 2010

Download  PDF

Pierre Noel

European Regulation on Gas Supply Security

Published on 9th Febrary 2010 | PDF