Other Papers-2011

Michael Pollitt

No end in sight for Britain’s rising energy costs

Published 13 July 2011 | Available at theguardian.com

Pierre Noël

Energy and the Rise of Asia
for the Economist Intelligence Unit as part of the Global Energy Conversation project

July 2011 | PDF available here

David Newbery

High level principles for guiding GB transmission charging and some of the practical problems of transition to an enduring regime
Paper for Ofgem

27 May 2011 | Available at Ofgem

Laura Platchkov, Michael Pollitt and Irina Shaorshadze

The implications of recent UK energy policy for the consumer: A report for the Consumers’ Association

Published May 2011 | Download the Executive summary | Download the full report

Tao Zhang and William J. Nuttall

Evaluating Government’s Policies on Promoting Smart Metering Diffusion in Retail Electricity Markets via Agent-Based Simulation
Journal of Product Innovation Management, Volume 28, Issue 2

Published online 11 February 2011 | Article available here

Michael Grubb and Susanne Droege

A carbon giveaway Europe cannot afford

Published 14 June 2010 | Available at ft.com