Other Papers-2014

  • David Newbery David Reiner, and Arjun Mahalingham: The Cost Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Support Schemes in the European Union, Published at the International Association for Energy Economics, Third Quarter, 2014 pg. 21 | Click here for the link
  • Marc Ozawa: Trust and European-Russian Energy Relations – The Case of Oil and Gas Partnerships and Long Term Contracts, February, 2014 | PDF
  • Jon Stern: UK Renewables Demonstration Projects: Who Pulls the Plug?, Letters & Notes On Regulation–Number 3.1 | Published February, 2014 | PDF |
  • Marc Ozawa: Energy trade between Europe and Russia will depend on trust | Article |
  • Stephen Littlechild: RPI-X, competition as a rivalrous discovery process, and customer engagement | PDF
  • Stephen Littlechild:Potential scope for user participation in the GB energy regulatory framework, with particular reference to the next Transmission Price Control Review, (with Nigel Cornwall), Report to Ofgem, 28 March 2009 (56 pp), | PDF