Karsten Neuhoff: Understanding Transatlantic Differences: The Choice of Instruments Presentation to RFF in Washington, March 2006
Gibbins, J., Li, J., Liang, X.: Capture ready fossil fuel plants: a critical stage in tackling climate change Proceedings of the 7th Pan European IGCC conference, Barcelona, Spain
Presented 25-27 April 2006
Gibbins, J., Lucquiaud, M., Li, J., Lord, M., Lian: Capture ready fossil fuel plants: definitions, technology options and economics IEA GHGT-10, Trondheim, Norway
Presented 19-22 Jun 2006
Michael Grubb: The growing role of auctioning in the economy? OR Allocation theory and the practice in Europe: The Great Divide , Presentation to International Emissions Trading Association Workshop on Allocation Methodologies, Paris, 25 September 2006
Download | Summary | PDF
Karsten Neuhoff: The Future of ETS: Economic and Environmental Effectiveness , Presentation to the European Parliment, Brussels, 11 October 2006
Download | Summary | PDF
Karsten Neuhoff: Actions to improve the current implementation of the ETS Presentation at Annual Forum on Energy and Sustainability, Madrid, 15 November 2006
Download | Summary | PDF

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