Michael Pollitt: Liberalisation and Regulation: Getting the Balance Right SGBI Annual Conference
Presented 2007
Karsten Neuhoff: Improving investment framework for low carbon technologies
Presented at 5te Internationale Energiewirtschaftstagung TU Wien, Vienna, 14-16 February 2007
Download | Summary | PDF
D Reiner: Overview of Public Acceptance of CCS Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Workshop, Paris
Presented March 2007
D Reiner: ACCSEPT Survey on CO2 Capture and Storage: Resume of key findings and implications European Climate Change Program Stakeholder Meeting, Brussels
Presented May 2007
Reiner, D., Liang, X., Sun, X., Zhu, Y., Li, J: Stakeholder attitudes towards Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Technologies in China
International Climate Change Conference, Hong Kong
Presented 29-31 May 2007
D Reiner: The Big Ask: Can mass delusion lead us on to a path to stablise GHG concentration? MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change Forum, Cambridge, MA
Presented June 2007

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