EPRG Working Papers-2003

EP 16  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Raffaella Mota: The Restructuring and Privatisation of Electricity Distribution and Supply Business in Brazil: A Social Cost-Benefit Analysis

EP 17  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff: Integrating Transmission and Energy Markets Mitigates Market Power

EP 18  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Marija Ilic, Eric Hsieh, Prasad Remanan: Transmission Pricing of Distributed Multilateral Energy Transactions to Ensure System Security and Guide Economic Dispatch

EP 19  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb, Paul Nillesen, Michael Pollitt: Strategic Behaviour under Regulation Benchmarking

EP 20 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jean-Michel Glachant, Virginie Pignon: Nordic Electricity Congestion’s Arrangement as a Model for Europe: Physical Contraints or Operators’ Opportunity

EP 21  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Dominique Finon: Introducing Competition in the French Electricity Supply Industry: The Destablisation of a Public Hierarchy in an Open Institutional Environment

EP 22  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

O Daxhelet, Y Smeers: Cross-Border Trade: A Two-Stage Equilibrium Model of the Florence Regulatory Forum Proposals

EP 23  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Natsuko Toba: Welfare Impacts of Electricity Generation Sector Reform in the Philippines

EP 24  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Paul Joskow, Jean Tirole: Merchant Transmission Investment

EP 25  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

A Denny Ellerman: Lessons from Phase 2 Compliance with the US Acid Rain Program

EP 26  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Joanne Evans, Richard Green: Why Did British Electricity Prices Fall after 1998?

EP 27  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

M Soledad Arellano: Diagnosing and Mitigating Market Power in Chile’s Electricity Industry

EP 28 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Paul Joskow: The Difficult Transition to Competitive Electricity Markets in the US

EP 29  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Gert Brunekreeft: Market-Based Investment in Electricity Transmission Networks: Controllable Flow

EP 31  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Andreas Ehrenmann, Karsten Neuhoff: A comparison of electricity market designs in networks



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