EPRG Working Papers-2008

EPRG 0801 Non Technical Summary | PDF

David Reiner: A Looming Rhetorical Gap: A Survey of Public Communications Activities For Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Technologies

EPRG 0802 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb, Hande Kiamil, Rabindra Nepal: Hot Issue and Burning Options in Waste Management: A Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Waste-to-Energy in the UK

EPRG 0803 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Elizabeth Hooper, Andrei Medvedev: Electrifying Integration: Electricity Production And The South-East Regional Energy Market

EPRG 0804 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Aurélie Méjean, Chris Hope: Modelling the costs of non-conventional oil: A case study of Canadian bitumen

EPRG 0805  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Christian Wolf, Michael Pollitt: Privatising national oil companies: Assessing the impact on firm performance

EPRG 0806 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt, Thomas Triebs: Productivity and Efficiency of US Gas Transmission Companies: A European Regulatory Perspective

EPRG 0807 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

John Ash: Energy Supply, Risk and Justice: Regulatory Strategies for an Era of Limited Trust

EPRG 0808 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Simon Taylor: Nuclear Power and Deregulated Electricity Markets: Lessons from British Energy

EPRG 0809 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff: Learning by Doing with Constrained Growth Rates and Application to Energy Technology Policy

EPRG 0810 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Fabien Roques: Market Design for Generation Adequacy: Healing Causes rather than Symptoms

EPRG 0811 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Michael Pollitt: The Future of Electricity (and Gas) Regulation

EPRG 0812 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Vincent Rious, Jean-Michel Glachant, Yannick Perez, Philippe Dessante: The diversity of design of TSOs

EPRG 0813 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Christian Wolf: Does Ownership Matter? The Performance and Efficiency of State Oil vs Private Oil (1987-2006)

EPRG 0814 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

William Nuttall, Simon Taylor: Financing the Nuclear Renaissance

EPRG 0815 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: Under-pricing electricity and the puzzle of regulatory accounting

EPRG 0816 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Gert Brunekreeft: Ownership Unbundling in Electricity Markets – A Social Cost Benefit Analysis of the German TSOs

EPRG 0817 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Paul Nillesen, Michael Pollitt: Using regulatory benchmarking techniques to set company performance targets: the case of US electricity

EPRG 0818 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Victoire Maugis, William J Nuttall: Metapolicy Options for Energy in England

EPRG 0819 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

John Kwoka, Sanem Ozturk, Michael G Pollitt: Divestiture Policy and Operating Efficiency in US Electric Power Distribution

EPRG 0820 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Paul Nillesen, Michael G Pollitt: Ownership unbundling in electricity distribution: empirical evidence from New Zealand


EPRG 0821 Non-Technical Summary | PDF 

David Newbery: Predicting market power in wholesale electricity markets

EPRG 0822 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tao Zhang, William Nuttall: Evaluating Government’s Policies on Promoting Smart Metering in Retail Electricity Markets via Agent Based Simulation

EPRG 0823 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jevgenijs Steinbuks: Financial constraints and firms’ investment: results of a natural experiment measuring firm response to power interruption

EPRG 0824 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: Analytic Solutions for Supply Function Equilibria: Uniqueness and Stability

EPRG 0825 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Maike Sippel, Karsten Neuhoff: Lessons from conditionality provision for south-north cooperation on climate change

EPRG 0826 Non-Technical SummaryPDF

Dominique Finon, Fabien Roques: Financing arrangements and industrial organisation for new nuclear build in electricity markets

EPRG 0827 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

William Yu, Tooraj Jamasb, Michael Pollitt: Does Weather Explain the Cost and Quality? An Analysis of UK Electricity Distribution Companies

EPRG 0828 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Xi Liang, David Reiner and Karsten Neuhoff: Current Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Investing in Lower Carbon Electricity in China

EPRG 0829 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Pär Holmberg, David Newbery and Daniel Ralph: Supply Function Equilibria: Step functions and continuous representations






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