EPRG Working Papers-2014

EPRG 1423 | Abstract | NTS PDF

Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. PollittIntegrating Distributed Generation: Regulation and Trends in Three Leading Countries

EPRG 1422 | Abstract | NTS PDF

Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. PollittThe Role of Distribution Network Operators in Promoting Cost-Effective Distributed Generation: Lessons from the United States for Europe

EPRG 1421Abstract | PDF

Dabo Guan, David M. Reiner, Zhu Liu: China’s Road to a Global Scientific Powerhouse

EPRG 1420Abstract | PDF

David Newbery and Goran Strbac: What is the target battery cost at which Battery Electric Vehicles are socially cost competitive?

EPRG 1419Abstract | NTS |  PDF

Shengbao Ji, Yin-Fang Zhang, Tooraj Jamasb: Reform of the Coal Sector in an Open Economy: The Case of China

EPRG 1418 | Abstract | NTS | PDF

Marc Ozawa: Trust and Norwegian-Russian Energy Relations

EPRG 1417 | Abstract | NTS | PDF

A. Haarscher, M. Bruner, J. Doblas, A. Fargere, S.F. Ashley, W.J. Nuttall: The Japanese Electricity System 15 months After March 11th 2011

EPRG 1416 | Abstract | NTS | PDF

Xiaoping He and David Reiner: Electricity Demand and Basic Needs: Empirical Evidence from China’s Households

EPRG 1415Abstract | PDF

Stephen Littlechild: Promoting or restricting competition?: Regulation of the UK retail residential energy market since 2008

EPRG 1414Abstract | NTS |  PDF

Pär Holmberg: Pro-competitive rationing in multi-unit auctions

EPRG 1413Abstract | NTS |  PDF

Tooraj Jamasb and Rabindra Nepal: Incentive Regulation and Utility Benchmarking for Electricity Network Security

EPRG 1412Abstract | NTS |  PDF

David Newbery and Michael Grubb: The Final Hurdle?: Security of supply, the Capacity Mechanism and the role of interconnectors

EPRG 1411Abstract | NTS |  PDF

Wenche Tobiasson and Tooraj Jamasb: Sustainable Electricity Grid Development and the Public: An Economic Approach

EPRG 1410Abstract | NTS |  PDF

Xi Liang, Hengwei Liu, and David Reiner: Strategies for Financing Large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage Power Plants in China

EPRG 1409Abstract | NTS |  PDF

Marc Ozawa: Trust and European-Russian Energy Cooperation: The Case of Oil and Gas Partnerships and Long-term Contracts

EPRG 1408Abstract  |  PDF

Musiliu O. Oseni and Michael Pollitt: Institutional arrangements for the promotion of regional integration of electricity markets: International Experience

EPRG 1407Abstract  | NTSPDF

Raphael J. Heffron and William J. Nuttall: Scotland, Nuclear Energy Policy and Independence

EPRG 1406Abstract  | PDF

Stephen Littlechild: The competition assessment framework for the retail energy sector: some concerns about the proposed interpretation

EPRG 1405Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb and Rabindra Nepal: Issues and Options in the Economic Regulation of European Network Security

EPRG 1404Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. Pollitt: Does Weather Have an Impact on Electricity Distribution Efficiency? Evidence from South America

EPRG 1403 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jorge E. Galán and Michael G. Pollitt: Inefficiency persistence and heterogeneity in Colombian electricity distribution utilities

EPRG 1402 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Rahmatallah Poudineh, Grigorios Emvalomatis, and Tooraj Jamasb: Dynamic Efficiency and Incentive Regulation: An Application to Electricity Distribution Networks

EPRG 1401 | Abstract  |  Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Pär Holmberg and Andy Philpott: Supply function equilibria in transportation networks