EPSRC – Autonomic Power System project

Short description: EPSRC – Autonomic Power System project

This project focuses on the electricity network of 2050. It investigates the Grand Challenge of designing an Autonomic Power System for 2050. Our work is in two areas. First, we are examining transmission governance arrangements for the Autonomic Power System. As part of this work we are looking at the current global state of the business of electricity transmission system operation as well as presenting a policy case for a move towards the most economic and efficient transmission arrangement that would be the most compatible with the autonomic future. We are also analysing the role of auctions in the future self-design of the electricity transmission network. Second, we are looking at business models in a future power system. As part of this work we are examining possible business models for electric vehicles and learning lessons from the development of business models in telecoms.

Duration: 01/10/2011-31/03/2015

Amount awarded: £230,000

EPRG participants Dr Michael Pollitt, Mallika Chawla (Research Assistant), Claire Weiller (PhD student, Department of Engineering), Thomas Greve (PhD student visiting from University of Copenhagen).

Outside partners include: University of Strathclyde, Imperial College, University of Durham, Kings College London, University of Manchester, University of Sussex.