Flexible Plug and Play Project (FPP)

Short descriptionFlexible Plug and Play Project (FPP)

The purpose of the Flexible Plug and Play Project is to test innovative and cost-efficient technical and commercial solutions that allow a faster and cheaper way to integrate generator of renewable energy to the electricity distribution network. The EPRG role is to perform an international review of specific case studies in order to explore smart ways for allocating constraint capacity and to conduct a cost benefit analysis of the FPP business model to be developed by Imperial College London.

Duration: April 2012 to April 2014.

Amount awarded: £172,000. The total amount awarded for the project is £ 9.7m (including OFGEM, UK Power Networks and partners fund).

Different partners participate in the project. Among these are: Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Alston Grid UK Ltd, Silver Spring Networks, Smarter Grid Solutions Ltd, GL Garrad Hassan, Imperial College London, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Fundamentals Ltd, GE Power Conversion, Wilson Transformer Company and University of Cambridge (EPRG).