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Job opportunity at EPRG & Cambridge Judge Business School

We are looking to appoint a Research Assistant/Associate at Cambridge Judge Business School within the economics and policy subject group. The post holder will support a new national research centre focused on (i) modelling the economics of the energy system, with a particular emphasis on electricity and heat, (ii) pathways to deep decarbonisation of the economy, and (iii) public attitudes towards energy technologies. The successful candidate will be based within the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Judge Business School in central Cambridge.

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Comment “Will The Market Delivery Security of Gas Supply? The Case of the UK and Italy” by C.K.Chyong

  A comment by Chi Kong Chyong regarding the recent price hike in the UK and Europe due to gas supply shortages “Having a market-based solution to a security of supply event, such as the recent one, means that the cost of meeting these unexpected events is as low as possible, while the price for… Continue Reading

C.K. Chyong submission to DG COMP regarding Gazprom commitments concerning Central and Eastern European gas markets

Dr Chyong submitted his comment to the European Commission, Directorate General for Competition in response to the antitrust case AT.39816 — Upstream gas supplies in central and eastern Europe. The full text can be found here. Further details of the DG COMP’s Antitrust case inquiry can be found here. Continue Reading

Presentation “Strategic Eurasian Natural Gas Market Model for Energy Security and Policy Analysis: Application to South Stream investment and Ukraine’s gas diversification policy” by Chi Kong Chyong and Benjamin Hobbs

Chi Kong Chyong & Benjamin Hobbs gave a presentation on “Strategic Eurasian Natural Gas Market Model for Energy Security and Policy Analysis: Application to South Stream investment and Ukraine’s gas diversification policy” at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA (9 November 2014) | PDF Continue Reading

Presentation “The Rise and Fall of South Stream and implications for a European Energy Union” by Chi Kong Chyong

Chi Kong Chyong gave a presentation on “The Rise and Fall of South Stream and implications for a European Energy Union” at a conference “Energy Infrastructures: Towards The Creation Of A ‘European Energy Union’” organised by the Centre for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy (12 February 2015) | PDF Continue Reading

Op-ed “Does Russia’s Turkey pipeline make sense?” by Chi Kong Chyong

Chi-Kong Chyong, a Research Associate at the Energy Policy Research Group (ERPG) investigates Russia’s recent abandonment of “South Stream” in favour of “Turkish Stream” and what this means to European energy market. Read the full article in the Brussels-based online EUobserver newspaper, Continue Reading

Prof. Michael Pollitt – “Energy Prices: Is a Price Freeze a Sensible Way to Restore Trust in the Market?”, 18:30-20:30, 29 January, London

Professor Michael Pollitt, EPRG, Cambridge Judge Business School Join Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School & Assistant Director of EPRG, as he discusses the state of the energy market and how it has evolved over the last few years. Taking into account competitive market theory, Michael will consider the relationship… Continue Reading

Creation of a gas hub in Turkey for Gazprom deliveries to Europe may change the Europeans’ view of the country, as well as trigger the rise of energy bills

Creation of a gas hub in Turkey for Gazprom deliveries to Europe may change the Europeans’ view of the country, as well as trigger the rise of energy bills, the analysts of the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at the University of Cambridge expressed their opinion to Sputnik Thursday   Continue Reading

EPRG research on energy market regulation was singled out as one of the Cambridge University’s leading impact studies

Research from Cambridge Judge Business School’s Dr Michael Pollitt and Dr Stephen Littlechild has been instrumental in developing a new system of regulation which encourages engagement with customers. Dr Pollitt and Dr Littlechild’s involvement provided credibility to Ofgem’s ‘very significant’ RPI‐X@20 review of network prices. Energy network charges make up around 20 per cent of… Continue Reading