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Podcast “A ‘tough sell’: why it is so difficult to address climate change on a global scale” by M. Pollitt and D. Reiner

Michael Pollitt and David Reiner recorded a podcast  “A ‘tough sell’: why it is so difficult to address climate change on a global scale” as part of the “Cambridge Judge Business School Debate” series. This podcast focuses on energy policy – the nature of the challenges, the difficulty in addressing climate change, and a few… Continue Reading

S. Littlechild latest submission to CMA

Stephen Littlechild has responded to the CMA’s invitation to comment on its proposed review of the Prepayment Charges Restriction Order 2016. In his response “Providing for a transition back to a competitive retail energy market” he suggests that the CMA phase out the prepayment meter tariff cap by December 2020 rather than leave a “cliff… Continue Reading

Julius Weitzdörfer

Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge E-mail:  [email protected] Research Interests: governance of extreme technological risk, energy and the environment, infrastructure safety and security, including nuclear “error and terror” Biography: Dr Julius Weitzdörfer is Director of Studies in Law at Darwin College, an Affiliated Lecturer at the Faculty of Law,… Continue Reading

Report “Productivity growth in electricity and gas networks since 1990” by V. Ajayi, K. Anaya and M. Pollitt

Victor Ajayi, Karim Anaya and Michael Pollitt wrote a report “Productivity growth in electricity and gas networks since 1990” for the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), as part of the RIIO-2 consultation. It was published on 17 December 2018. You can read the report here  For the full dataset (ED, ET, GD, GT)… Continue Reading

Henri van Soest

PhD Student, Department of Land Economy E-mail: [email protected] Supervisor: Professor David Howarth Research topic: The regulation of cyber security in the electricity system Research interests: energy policy, energy law, systems theory, information law Biography: Henri is a first year PhD candidate at the Department of Land Economy. His research deals with the regulation of cyber… Continue Reading

2018 EPRG Winter Seminar

EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2018 Winter Seminar. On December 6, 2018 EPRG hosted delegates to dinner at Newnham College, and on December 7, 2018 for a full-day seminar at the same college. Programme SESSION 1 – GETTING MARKET DESIGN RIGHT Chair: Karim Anaya (EPRG) Paul Simshauser (Griffith Business School) What went wrong with Australia’s National Electricity Market? The… Continue Reading

Felix Müsgens

Professor of Energy Economics, Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany E-mail: [email protected] Research Interests: Energy economics, environmental economics, climate economics Biography: Felix is professor of energy economics at Brandenburg University of Technology. He holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Risk Management in Cologne. His dissertation ‘The Economics of Wholesale Electricity Markets’ was awarded the Theodor-Wessels-Preis for distinguished… Continue Reading

Presentation “Volatility and Macroeconomic Policy in the Middle East & North Africa Region” by K. Mohaddes

Kamiar Mohaddes gave a presentation “Volatility and Macroeconomic Policy in the Middle East & North Africa Region” at the Symposium on “The World Economic Outlook: Implications for Kuwait and the MENA Region” hosted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF) and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD)… Continue Reading

Jordan Bisset

Research Assistant Email: [email protected] Research Interests: empirical economics, distributional consequences of carbon taxes, sustainable fuel policy, climate change driven conflict and the natural resource curse.  Biography: Jordan received his M.A. degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2017 and his MSc in Economics from KU Leuven in 2018. Previously, he has conducted research on the optimal public policy to… Continue Reading

Mercedes Galindez

PhD Student, Faculty of History Email: [email protected] Supervisor: Paul Warde Research topic: Contemporary socio-economic history of how renewable energy achieved cost competitiveness in key European markets, 1986 – 2017 Biography: Mercedes Galindez is a part-time PhD student in the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at the University of Cambridge. She is reading her PhD on… Continue Reading

Report “Is there competition below the PPM tariff cap? What are the implications for policy?” by S. Littlechild

Stephen Littlechild wrote a report “Is there competition below the PPM tariff cap? What are the implications for policy?” This paper finds that the range of tariff offers that are widely available and significantly below the Prepayment Meter tariff cap is much less than first appears. It suggests various implications for policy relating to accuracy of information, setting… Continue Reading

Leigh Hancher

Professor, Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute, Italy Research Interests: energy market regulation, EU state aids and energy market governance.  Biography: Leigh Hancher is a professor of European law at the University of Tilburg and is also attached to the Amsterdam office of Allen & Overy as Counsel. Leigh has been a Professor since 1991, initially at the… Continue Reading