P Noel: EU Energy Policy After the Gas Crisis | Nomura International Limited
Presented 9 January 2009
P Noel: The EU and Russian Gas: After the Crisis |  Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 22 January 2009
Download | Summary | PDF
P Noel: Beyond Dependence: How to Deal with Russian Gas | Russian Foundation, London, 3 February 2009
Download | Summary | PDF
P Noel: Is Russia a Reliable Partner? And Does it Matter? |  EU Russia Forum, Brussels
Presented 10 February 2009
David Newbery: Risk and opportunities in the energy markets: the outlook for new nuclear | Nuclear Issues Group, Oxford
Presented 11 February | Download PDF
Michael Pollitt: Green Values in Communities: Origins and Practice | CIBAM Conference, Cambridge: Green Values and Green Business
19-20 February 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: Getting Serious about European Gas Security | Budapest, Hunagry, 25 February 2009
Download | Summary | PDF
D Reiner: (Mis)communicating science and technology: Challenges in public communications on climate change and carbon dioxide capture and storage | Cambridge University Energy Network, Cambridge
Presented 26 February 2009
Michael Pollitt: Institutional Change in UK Regulation | SBGI 2009 Conference, London
Presented 5 March 2009 | Download PDF
D Reiner: Short-term and long-term policies to promote carbon dioxide capture and storage | Climate Change Congress, Copenhagen
Presented 11 March 2009
Michael Pollitt: Climate Change and Energy Regulation in a Global Context | UNCTAD
Presented 18 March 2009 | Download PDF
Paul Nillesen and Michael Pollitt: Ownership Unbundling in New Zealand | Nottingham Business School, Nottingham
Presented 25 March 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: Improving European Gas Security |  Lennart Meri Conference, Tallinn
Presented 30 March 2009 | Download PDF
David Newbery: Smart market design and regional initiatives | A Smart EU Energy Policy Conference, Florence School of Regulation, Fiesole, Italy
Presented 29 April 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: European Gas Security After the Crisis of January 2009 | Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London
Presented 8 May 2009
P Noel: Towards a European Gas Security Action Plan |  European Council on Foreign Relations, Stockholm
Presented 11 May 2009
David Newbery: The theory and application of Supply Function Equilibrium models to electricity markets | Office of Fair Trading, London
Presented 4 June 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: Some Issues About the Southern Corridor, Central Asian Gas and the EU-Russia Relationship | Private briefing of the Foreign Secretary, London
Presented 5 June 2009
Pierre Noel, Sachi Findlater, Florent Silve: Gas Security in Russia Dependent Europe: Policy Options for Bulgaria and the Baltic States |  European Commission, Brussels
Presented 11 June 2009
Michael Pollitt: The future of energy network regulation after [email protected] | Oxera Energy Network Regulation Group, Oxford
Presented 11 June 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: Achieving Gas Supply Security in Europe: Markets and Policies | Gas Infrastructure Europe Conference, London
Presented 15 June 2009
David Reiner, John Best: A Conversation on Carbon Capture and Storage | The Carbon Capture, Storage and Transport Summit, London
Presented 18 June 2009
P Noel: Achieving Gas Supply Security in Europe | IAEE International Conference, Final Plenary Session, San Francisco
Presented 24 June 2009
Aoife Brophy Haney and Michael Pollitt: Efficiency analysis of energy networks: An international survey of regulators | EWEPA Conference, Pisa
Presented 25 June 2009 | Download PDF
Michael Pollitt: Electricity Liberalisation in the European Union |  FEEM, Milan
Presented 30 June 2009 | Download | PDF
Michael Pollitt: How can we encourage networks to efficiently facilitate delivery of a sustainable energy sector? Some thoughts | [email protected] Worskshop, Imperial College, London
Presented 2 July 2009 | Download | PDF
 Michael Pollitt: The Ethics of the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change | Association of Christian Economists, Annual Conference, Cambridge
Presented 4 July 2009 | Download | PDF
David Newbery: Transition to a low-carbon electricity market and needed reforms | EdF Electricity Policy Reform, London
Presented 7 July 2009 | Download PDF
David Newbery: Market design and support policies for a low carbon future | Global Carbon Dioxide Economics Conference, Sonderborg, Denmark
Presented 18-19 August 2009 | Download PDF
Michael Grubb and Tim Laing: Price Floors – Getting Some Perspective | CEPS/IETA workshop: Pushing and Pulling: What has the EU learned about the efficient combination of carbon market and low-carbon investment support
Presented on 03 September 2009  |  Download PDF
D Reiner: Challenges in Communicating Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage |   British Festival of Science, Surrey,
Presented 8 September 2009 | Download PDF
Benjamin Hobb: US CO2 Policies: Moving Towards Ambitious Reductions? IAEE European Conference, Vienna
Presented 9 September 2009 | Download PDF
David Newbery: Balancing regulation and liberalisation in electricity markets | IAEE Conference, Vienna
Presented 9 September 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: European gas after 2009 | Transatlantic Conference on Energy Security, Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki
Presented 15 September 2009
David Newbery: The supply function equilibrium and its policy implications for the wholesale electricity markets |  Designing electricity auctions workshop, Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm
Co-presented 15-16 September 2009 | Download PDF
David Newbery: How liberalised have liberalised electricity markets become? | Market Design 2009, Saltsjobaden, Stockholm
Presented 17 September 2009 | Download PDF
Benjamin Hobbs: Introduction to Transmission Market Design in the US: Locational Marginal Pricing | NGInfra Academy, Venlo
Presented 24 September 2009 | Download PDF
Michael Pollitt: Financing Electricity Interconnection |  FEEM, Milan
Presented 29 September 2009 | Download  PDF
P Noel: Vertical De-Integration of ENI: A Public Policy Perspective (Competition and Security of Supply) | Knight Vinke Conference on the Restructurisation of ENI and the Italian Gas Market
Presented 30 September 2009
Benjamin Hobbs: We Need Electric Policy Models with Uncertainty and Risk Aversion! |  International Ruhr Energy Conference, Essen
Presented 5 October 2009 | Download PDF
Michael Pollitt: Current UK energy policy: Are all elements of policy pulling in the same direction?   | IEA-Marketforce Conference, London
Presented 12 October 2009 | Download PDF
P Noel: Baltic Gas Security | The Riga Security Conference, Riga (Latvia)
Presented 23 October 2009
Michael Pollitt: Delivering the Low Carbon Electricity System  The Cambridge University Energy Network (CUEN), Cambridge
Presented 4 November 2009 | Download PDF
Michael Pollitt: The Future of Network Regulation | CRNI Annual Conference, Brussels
Presented 20 November 2009 | Download PDF
W Nuttall: Nuclear Renaissance – technologies and policies for the future of nuclear power | Institute of Civil Engineers, Cambridgeshire, University of Cambridge Engineering Department
Presented 25 November 2009
Tooraj Jamasb: Network Regulation by Norm Model: Empirical Equivalence, Pricing, and Performance of Electric Utilities in Sweden | SIRE Energy & Environment Workshop, Heriot-Watt University, Edinbourgh
Presented 4 December 2009 | Download PDF
Michael Pollitt: Policies for Renewables: the UK experience | EPRG Meeting, Cambridge
Presented 11 December 2009 | Download PDF

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