EPRG Working Papers-2002

EP01 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: Issues and options for restructuring electricity supply industries

EP 02  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Paul Joskow, Edward Kahn: A quantitative analysis of pricing behaviour in California’s wholesale electricity market during summer 2000: the final word

EP 03  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Toru Hattori, Tooraj Jamasb, Michael G Pollitt: A comparison of UK and Japanese electricity distribution performance 1985-1998: lessons for incentive regulation

EP 04  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tanga McDaniel, Karsten Neuhoff: Use of long-term auctions for network investment

EP 05  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff: Optimal congestion treatment for bilateral electricity trading

EP 06 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tanga McDaniel, Karsten Neuhoff: Auctions to gas transmission access: The British experience

EP 07 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Richard Gilbert, Karsten Neuhoff, David Newbery: Allocating Transmission to Mitigate Market Power in Electricity Networks

EP 08  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb: Reform and Regulation of the Electricity Sectors in Developing Countries

EP 09  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Stephen Littlechild: Competition in Retail Electricity Supply

EP 10  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Gert Brunekreeft: Regulatory Threat in Vertically Related Markets: The Case of German Electricity

EP 11  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Preetum Domah, Michael G Pollitt, Jon Stern: Modelling the costs of electricity regulation: Evidence of human resource constraints in developing countries

EP 12  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: Regulatory Challenges to European Electricity Liberalistation

EP 13  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

A Denny Ellerman, Juan-Pablo Montero: The Temporal Efficiency of SO2 Emissions Trading

EP 14  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Preetum Domah: Technical Efficiency in Electricity Generation – The Impact of Smallness and Isolation of Island Economies

EP 15  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery, Tanga McDaniel: Auctions and trading in energy markets – an economic analysis



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