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EPRG 0803

Elizabeth Hooper, Andrei Medvedev

Electrifying Integration: Electricity Production And The South-East Regional Energy Market

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Also published in:

  • Hooper, E. and Medvedev, A. (2009), “Electrifying Integration: Electricity Production And The South-East Europe Regional Energy Market:”, Utilities Policy 17(1)

Abstract: The paper provides an overview of the generation of electricity in 10 countries in South East Europe during 1995-2004. Using the latest available statistics the potential of the nascent integration of the electricity markets in South East Europe is explored. We conduct a cross-country analysis of electricity production based on different types of fuel used. The region has a low level of gasification combined with few nuclear power generation facilities, while some countries heavily rely on hydro electric generation. Differences in countries’ resource endowment and the possibility of intertemporaral substitution between electricity generated from various fuels could stimulate a regional trade in electricity. Such trade could displace a proportion of the required investment in the construction of generation facilities, as an alternative to nationally independent energy policies. Finally, we consider the environmental impact of electricity generation, and identify some of the key trade-offs between different policy objectives.

Keywords: Electricity, Generation, ECSEE