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EPRG 0928

Aoife Brophy Haney, Ian W.Jones and Michael G. Pollitt

UK retailers and climate change: The role of partnership in climate strategies

EPRG 0928 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Abstract: More and more companies in the UK are developing strategies to address the challenges of climate change. We focus on the UK retail sector and explore the role of partnership in shaping the climate change commitments and actions taken by retail companies. We use a social capital approach to firstly measure best practice in the climate strategies of a sample of 60 companies. We then measure the differences in engagement with partner organisations across the same set of companies. Using our best practice and partnership indices, we investigate how committed companies are to climate strategies; how partnerships have an impact on best practice; and we try to understand the distinction between companies that are more and less highly engaged in partnering. We find that partnership has an important role to play; and specifically that higher levels of partner diversity and greater depth of engagement improve the impact of partnership on best practice.

Keywords: Corporate Responsibility, Carbon Reduction Commitment, energy efficiency, social capital