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EPRG 0934

Karsten Neuhoff, Morgan Bazilian, Jean Charles Hourcade, Adam Rysanek, Simone Cooper, Ilian Iliev, Anoop Singh, Aaron Cosbey, Helen Jackson, Judith Sykes, Heleen de Coninck, Tim Laing, Frauke Urban, Max Edkins, Sarah Lester, Marcia Valle Real, Sam Fankhauser Haraldo, Machado Filho, John Ward, William Gboney, Andrew Marquard, Harald Winkler, Emmanuel Guerin, Ranjita Rajan, Sara Wolcott, Xiliang Zhang

ISDA Policy Summary Report

EPRG 0934 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Abstract:  This report contains a summary of the International Support for Domestic Action project It combined workshops and case studies from five developing countries with assessments of mechanisms and institutional structures to explore how international cooperation can increase the scale, scope and speed of implementing policies with climate co-benefits.

Keywords:  Low-carbon development, mitigation, low-carbon technology

EPRG 0933

Karsten Neuhoff, Sam Fankhauser, Emmanuel Guerin, Jean Charles Hourcade, Helen Jackson, Ranjita Rajan, John Ward Structuring International Financial Support for Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries EPRG 0933 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Neuhoff, K, Fankhauser, S, Guerin, E, Hourcade, J.C., Jackson, H, Rajan, R, Ward, J, “Structuring International Financial Support for Climate… Continue Reading