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EPRG 0605

Jean-Michel Glachant, Francois Leveque Electricity Internal Market in the European Union: What to do next? EPRG 0605 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: Like in the US, the EU “internal electricity market” remains unfinished and its construction can stall, fracturing into “national blocks” separated by permanent “border effects”. This is exactly what this paper seeks to… Continue Reading

EPRG 0711

Jean Michel Glachant, Marcelo Saguan An Institutional Frame to Compare Alternative Market Designs in EU Electricity Balancing EPRG 0711 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: The so-called “electricity wholesale market” is, in fact, a sequence of several markets. The chain is closed with a provision for “balancing,” in which energy from all wholesale markets is balanced… Continue Reading

EPRG 0812

Vincent Rious, Jean-Michel Glachant, Yannick Perez, Philippe Dessante The diversity of design of TSOs EPRG 0812 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: It is puzzling today to explain diversity and imperfection of actual transmission monopoly designs in competitive electricity markets. We argue that transmission monopoly in competitive electricity markets has to be analysed within a Wilson… Continue Reading

EPRG 0919

Adrien de Hauteclocque and Jean-Michel Glachant Longterm Energy Supply Contracts in European Competition Policy:  Fuzzy not Crazy EPRG 0919 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: Long-term supply contracts often have ambiguous effects on the competitive structure, investment and consumer welfare in the long term. In a liberalized market context, these effects are likely to be even harder to assess. Since liberalization and especially since the… Continue Reading