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EPRG 0818

Victoire Maugis, William J Nuttall

Metapolicy Options for Energy in England

EPRG 0818 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Abstract: This paper considers policy for policy-making – “metapolicy”. It specifically considers the current structures for energy policy making applying to England within the UK. The current policy landscape is described with a view to assessing possible improvements in policy goal-setting and policy implementation. Three options for an alternative governmental structure for energy policy making are analysed. The three options are a new Department for Energy with a Secretary of State in the Cabinet; an Energy Agency perhaps with a strategic remit and thirdly more cooperative policy structures between numerous institutional actors. The analysis relies upon a series of interviews with a diverse community of expert stakeholders with substantial experience of UK energy policy. The various options are assessed to have differing strengths and weaknesses and as a general principle the authors concur with the view that, when in doubt, the metapolicy with the strongest structural inclusion of democracy is generally to be preferred. The paper concludes with a modest recommendation that the current Minister of State for Energy should be given a position within the Cabinet as an interim measure until more effective structures can be developed.

Keywords: British Government, Energy Policy, Politics, Democracy

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