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EPRG 0904

William J. Nuttall

Nuclear Energy in the Enlarged European Union

EPRG 0904 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Also published in:

  • Nuttall, W.J. “Nuclear Energy in the Enlarged European Union”, chapter in “Security Of Energy Supply In Europe Natural Gas, Nuclear and Hydrogen”, Editors: F. Lévêque, J-M Glachant, J Barquin, Pontificia, C von Hirschhausen,  F Holz, and WJ Nuttall, Edward Elgar (ISBN-13 978 1 84980 032 7) RPR part of PRB

Abstract: The paper considers the European balance of opinion and experience of nuclear energy and notes that it has shifted significantly as the European Union has grown from 15 member states to 27. The proportion of member states with nuclear energy experience has increased markedly. Also, as a result of changes affecting the main drivers of energy policy, the balance of policy enthusiasm in most EU-27 member states has shifted with time in favour of nuclear power. Two contrasting examples of nuclear experience from new member states are presented. These examples are of possible benefit to those considering new nuclear build projects, for instance in the EU-15 states. Thus far much policy attention has been devoted to developments in Finland, France and the UK. This work has been made possible by the EC FP-6 project “CESSA”. The CESSA project is conscious of much useful energy security experience in the countries of central and Eastern Europe and this paper is, in part, a reflection of that sentiment.

Keywords: Nuclear energy, European enlargement, energy security