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EP 22

O Daxhelet, Y Smeers Cross-Border Trade: A Two-Stage Equilibrium Model of the Florence Regulatory Forum Proposals EP 22  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: Journal: Published as: The EU regulation on crossnext term-border trade of electricity: A two-stage equilibrium model European Journal of Operational Research, Forthcoming Continue Reading

EPRG 1019

Andreas Ehrenmann and Yves Smeers Stochastic Equilibrium Models for Generation Capacity Expansion EPRG 1019 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: Capacity expansion models in the power sector were among the first applications of operations research to the industry. We introduce stochastic equilibrium versions of these models that we believe provide a relevant context for looking… Continue Reading

EPRG 1016

Yves Smeers, Giorgia Oggioni, Elisabetta Allevi and Siegfried Schaible Generalized Nash Equilibrium and Market Coupling in the European Power System EPRG 1016  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: “Market Coupling” is currently seen as the most advanced market design in the restructuring of the European electricity market. Market coupling, by construction, introduces what is generally… Continue Reading

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