2012 EPRG Spring Seminar



Chair:  David Newbery (EPRG)

Th.-O. Léauthier (IDEI & Compass Lexecon) Is mandating smart meters smart?

Colin Sausman (Ofgem) Smart meters, regulation and market development

SESSION 2 – CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND PROTECTION                                   

Chair:  Vicky Pryce (FTI Consulting)

Philip Brutscher (EPRG) Why do people self-disconnect?

Stephen Littlechild (EPRG) Do retail markets work?

SESSION 3 – RENEWABLES, THE ETS AND ELECTRICITY PRICES                                   

Chair:  David Reiner (EPRG)

Jaqueline Boucher (GDF Suez) Considerations about the ETS

Guido Cervigni (Compass Lexecon) Renewables and power prices

SESSION 4 – EUROPEAN GAS MARKETS: A WORLD TRANSFORMED?                               

Chair:  Boaz Moselle (FTI Consulting / Compass Lexecon)

Laszlo Varro (IEA, invited) New pricing mechanisms & contracts

Frank Amend (RWE) Gas and Europe’s green agenda

Teddy Kott (EDF Trading) Europe in global gas

Pierre Noel (EPRG) Security of supply & Russia

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