2014 EPRG/CEEPR Annual Conference, 2-3 July, Madrid

Available speaker presentations:
Pre-session address by José María Marín-Quemada (Spanish National Authority for Markets and Competition)
Session 1A: European Energy and Climate Outlook for 2030 by David Newbery, EPRG
Session 1B: Is the EU-ETS Up to the Task? by Michael Mehling, MIT
Session 2A: Hydraulic Fracturing: The US Experience and Implications for the Rest of the World by Chris Knittel, MIT
Session 2B: Ukraine and Security of Gas Supplies to Europe by Kong Chyong, EPRG
Session 3A: Self-Consumption and Net Balancing: Issues and Solutions by Oscar Arnedillo, NERA Economic Consulting
Session 4A: Future Utility Models based on Distributed Energy Resources by Agustín Delgado, Iberdrola
Session 4B: Utilities of the Future by Tomás Gómez, IIT Comillas University
Session 5A: Universalization of electricity supply by Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga, IIT Comillas University
Session 5B: Universal access to electricity: models, challenges, and opportunities by Carlos Sallé, Iberdrola
Session 6A: Investments in Generating Capacity: The Role of Risk and Long-term Contracts by John Parsons, MIT
Session 6B: Towards a Zero Subsidy World? by David Reiner, EPRG

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