A Conference in Honour of the 65th birthday of Professor David M.G. Newbery

In September 2008 a special edition of the Energy Journal was produced in honour of Professor David Newbery.  On the 12 and 13 September 2008 a Dinner and Conference was also held in his honour with presentations from the authors of papers in the Journal

Conference Agenda

Stephen Littlechild – Chairs of Applied Economics and Economic Theory


The Future of Electricity: Papers in Honor of David Newbery

Special Editors: Richard J. Green and Michael G. Pollitt

Each of the authors of this Special Issue has made a significant contribution to the theme of The Future of ‘Electricity’. Paul Joskow offers a masterly review of the learning from two decades of electricity reform. Stephen Littlechild and Michael Pollitt discuss how regulation of electricity and gas network regulation might develop. Littlechild lays out alternatives to regulation and Pollitt discusses how the UK energy regulator should respond to future challenges, including climate change concerns. Richard Green reflects on the wholesale market design differences between the U.S. and Europe, suggesting that the model used in many U.S. markets has advantages which may become more important as the industry responds to climate change. Catherine Waddams Price demonstrates that there remain serious doubts about how well competition is working for domestic electricity and gas customers, even in the most liberalized of markets, the UK. Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga and Pedro Linares look at the role of indicative planning in the electricity sector and whether it is likely to be effective. Finally, Karsten Neuhoff makes the case for subsidy of strategic roll-out of new electricity technologies in order to exploit economies of learning by doing.

Papers Available here


  • Introduction by Richard J. Green and Michael G. Pollitt
  • Lessons Learned from Electricity Market Liberalization by Paul L. Joskow
  • Some Applied Economics of Utility Regulation by Stephen Littlechild
  • The Future of Electricity (and Gas) Regulation in a Low-carbon Policy World by Michael G. Pollitt
  • Electricity Wholesale Markets: Designs Now and in a Low-carbon Future by Richard J. Green
  • The Future of Retail Energy Markets by Catherine Waddams Price
  • Markets vs. Regulation: A Role for Indicative Energy Planning by Ignacio J. Pérez-Arriaga and Pedro Linares
  • Learning by Doing with Constrained Growth Rates: An Application to Energy Technology Policy by Karsten Neuhoff
  • Personal Reflections on David Newbery by Richard Gilbert
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