Article “Developments in the Overall Customer Satisfaction League” by S. Littlechild

Some years ago, Stephen Littlechild developed the concept of an Overall Customer Satisfaction score for suppliers in Great Britain’s retail energy sector (Utilities Policy, vol 73, December 2021).

You can read the article here

The calculations are updated several times a year as Ofgem, Citizens Advice and Which? ratings are updated, and the updates are published in Cornwall Energy’s Energy Spectrum. Updates available are as follows:

2021: February 2021 can be viewed here , April 2021 here, 21 June 2021 here, 28 June 2021 here, September 2021 here, October 2021 here , November 2021 here 

2022: February 2022 can be viewed here , April 2022 here , May 2022 here , July 2022 here, Sept 2022 here, Nov 2022 here and Dec 2022 here

2023: 16 January 2023 can be viewed here, 23 January 2023 here, February 2023 here, March 2023 here, July 2023 here, September 2023 here, October 2023 here and December 2023 here

2024: 22 January 2024 can be viewed here

Professor Littlechild has also reviewed six years of customer service ratings of energy suppliers. Part 1 can be found here

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