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Rosemary Ostfeld

PhD Candidate, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge Email: [email protected] Supervisor:  David Howarth & David Reiner Research Topic: Biomass resource availability for biofuel production Research Interest: Agriculture, alternative fuels, water resources Continue Reading

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EPRG-DG ENER Workshop 9-10 January, 2014

DG ENER and EPRG collaborated on a join workshop that took place 9-10 January in Cambridge, United Kingdom.  There was a dinner held at Clare College the evening of the 9th, including a key-note speech by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (DG ENER, Director Unit B) and a full-day seminar at Memorial Court, Clare College on the 10th. … Continue Reading

2013 EPRG Winter Seminar

EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2013 Winter Seminar with NERA Economic Consulting.  EPRG and NERA hosted delegates to a dinner at Christs College on the 12th of December followed by a full-day seminar at Memorial Court, Clare College. Programme   SESSION 1: AUCTIONS IN ENERGY POLICY Chair: David Newbery (EPRG) Michael Pollitt and Thomas… Continue Reading

EPRG 1320

Karim L. Anaya and Michael G. Pollitt Finding the Optimal Approach for Allocating and Realising Distribution System Capacity: Deciding between Interruptible Connections and Firm DG Connections EPRG1320 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in Applied Energy, 2015, under “Options for allocating and releasing distribution system capacity: Deciding between interruptible connections and firm DG connections” |… Continue Reading

ENEL Foundation Press Release

Press Release “The Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG), a joint research centre based in Cambridge Judge Business School and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Cambridge recently received £190,000 as a donation from the Enel Foundation to support a two-year research project on “Zero Subsidy Scenarios and International Natural Gas Markets”. The project… Continue Reading

EPRG 1318

David M Newbery and Thomas Greve The strategic robustness of mark-up equilibria Note: This Working Paper has been superseded by EPRG WP #1522. Also published as “The strategic robustness of oligopoly electricity market models” Energy Economics 68 124–132 | Text     Continue Reading

EPRG 1309

Karim L. Anaya and Michael Pollitt Understanding best practice regarding interruptible connections for wind generation: lessons from national and international experience EPRG1309 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in Energy Policy as “Experience with smarter commercial arrangements for distributed wind generation“, August 2014, volume 71 | Text  Continue Reading