EPRG 1109

Rabindra Nepal and Tooraj Jamasb

Reforming the Power Sector in Transition: Do Institutions Matter?

EPRG 1109 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Abstract: This paper quantitatively explores high-level links between power sector reforms and wider institutional reforms in the economy for a set of 27 diverse countries in rapid political and economic transition since 1990. Panel-data econometrics based on bias corrected dynamic fixed effect analysis (LSDVC) is performed to assess the impact of reforms on macroeconomic and power sector outcomes. The results indicate that power sector reform is indeed a more complicated process than initially perceived. The results also show that power sector reform is greatly inter-dependent with reforms in other sectors in the economy. We conclude that the success of power sector reforms on outcomes in developing countries will largely depend on the extent in which countries are able to synchronize inter-sector reforms in the economy.

Keywords: Power sector, institutions, reforms, transition economies

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