Bartlomiej Andrzej Glowacki

Bartlomiej Andrzej GlowackiBartek-249x250

Professor of Energy and Materials Science

MA(Cantab) MSc Dr Physics, Professor of Energy (Cambridge), Belweder Professor in Energy (Warsaw), Bernal Professor in Energy (Limerick)


Tel:  +44 (0)1223 31738

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests:

  • Superconductors
  • Fuel Cells Hydrogen
  • Photocatalysts Fusion
  • SuperGrid Ink jet printing
  • Biomagnetism


Background: Bartlomiej Andrzej Glowacki earned MA degree at Cambridge, MSc in Physics at University of Wroclaw Poland then PhD in Low Temperature Physics and Superconductivity at Polish Academy of Science, before receiving a faculty position in Cambridge. He received the life title of Professor from the President of Poland in recognition of the scope and international impact of my research. He received medal ‘The Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Science’, 2003, Institute for Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, the 3rd Annual EEEGR Energy Innovation Award 2006 ‘Fusion Island’, East of England Energy Group and recently received Nomination for 2011 ENI Award in the category of The Renewable and Non-Conventional Energy. Also in 1988 he actively participated in programme “Horizon” ‘Superconductor: The Race for the Prize’ BBC-2 for which achieved UK Technology Press Awards of 1988 (This programme was named Technology Programme of the year (TV and radio). He is a Board member of the European Energy Research Alliance Joint program: ‘Basic Science for Energy’ also he is a Member of World Energy Council. He is an editorial Board Member of Journal of Energy Science. He has published five book chapters, 17 patents and more than 270 scientific papers. To promote Science he elaborated a unique video series “Lectures on Superconductivity” to educate researchers and students in the many interdisciplinary aspects of applied superconductivity also resourced from the IEEE web site.

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