Bo Qiang Lin

Dean of China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy, Xiamen University, ChinaLin BQ

Tel: +86 592-206-0972

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests: Energy & environmental economics and policy

Biography: Lin Boqiang obtained his BA degree in economics from Xiamen University and a Ph.D in economics from University of California at Santa Barbara. He was a principal energy economist of Asian Development Bank before he joined Xiamen University in 2006. He is currently a “Chang Jiang Scholar” Professor, Dean of China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy and Director for China Center for Energy Economic Research at Xiamen University; Vice Chinaman of China Energy Society; Member of National Energy Consultation Committee under National Energy Commission; Member of National Energy Price Consultation Committee under National Development and Reform Commission; Member of Board of Directors and Chairman of Audit Committee of China National Petroleum Corporation; Special Analyst for China Xinhua News Agency; and Guest Commentator for China National Radio. He is currently also a member of the Energy Partnership Advisory Board and member of the Global Agenda Councils on Decarbonizing Energy of the World Economic Forum based in Davos Switzerland, and was the Chairman of the Global Agenda Councils on energy security. He has published more than 190 academic papers on energy economics and energy policy (more than 140 SSCI/SCI papers, all are first author or correspondence author, or both), several energy economics textbooks and other books on energy policy (27 in total, in Chinese), about 700 column papers in most influential Chinese newspapers and about 200 short papers in Chinese main stream non-academic magazines. In the past 9 years. He has obtained funding for 75 research projects with an amount of about 37 million RMB form the Chinese government departments, China national foundations, major energy companies, and international foundations. He has provided extensive support to the Chinese Government departments on energy reforms and energy strategy development. He is also an advisor to Ministry of Finance and People’s Bank of China on energy issues. He has extensive media coverage on energy policy and energy issues in China.

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