Cambridge Zero Initiative

EPRG is pleased to be part of the new climate change initiative – Cambridge Zero. This ambitious initiative will harness the full breadth of the University’s research capabilities – from the sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences – and policy expertise, to respond to climate change and support the transition to a sustainable zero-carbon future, both in the UK and globally.

This initiative is not just about developing greener energy, technologies and materials. It’s about addressing every aspect of a zero carbon future: the impact it will have on our lives, our work, our society and our economy, and ensuring decisions are based on the best available knowledge. By enhancing the University’s existing networks of external engagement and collaboration, and actively seeking new partners, it will create a platform for change.

Through a bold programme of education, research, demonstration projects and knowledge exchange focused on supporting a zero-carbon world, the ambition is to generate and disseminate the ideas and innovations that will shape our future – and to equip a new generation of leaders with the skills to navigate the global challenges of the coming decades.

Cambridge Zero is led by Dr Emily Shuckburgh, a world-leading climate scientist and gifted science communicator. In her previous role at the British Antarctic Survey she led a national research programme on polar climate change.

Cambridge Zero will be formally launched in late November 2019. For more information, and to keep up-to-date with its progress, visit

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