Energy, Politics and the Consumer: British Academy, 3 April 2014

As the national debate on fuel bills and living standards continues, the YouGov-Cambridge Programme launched a special report on ‘Energy, Politics and the Consumer‘ with an evening event at the British Academy on Thursday 3rd April. The evening covered a range of subjects, including: the reputation of energy companies in the UK and how to enhance it; parallels with the banking crash and other sectors; the relationship of consumer attitudes to the wider economic climate; and Coalition versus Labour proposals to manage the ‘Trilemma’ of affordability, energy security and green policies.

  Rt Hon Caroline Flint (Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change)
  Alistair Phillips-Davies (Chief Executive, SSE)
  Paul Spence (Director of Strategy and Regulation, EDF Energy)
Stephen Fitzpatrick (Founder and Managing Director, Ovo Energy)
Ann Robinson (Director of Consumer Policy, uSwitch)
Dr David Reiner (Senior Lecturer, Cambridge University Judge Business School)
  Tony Cocker (Chief Executive, E.ON)
Angela Knight (Chief Executive, Energy UK)


Click here for the full report.

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