EPRG 0513

Ian Elders, Graham Ault, Stuart Galloway, James McDonald, Jonathan Koehler, Matthew Leach, Efterpi Lampaditou

Electricity Network Scenarios for Great Britain in 2050

EPRG 0513 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Abstract: The next fifty years are likely to see great developments in the technologies deployed in electricity systems, with consequent changes in the structure and operation of power networks. This paper, which forms a chapter in the forthcoming book Future Electricity T echnologies and Systems, develops and presents six possible future electricity industry scenarios for Great Britain, focussed on the year 2050. The paper draws upon discussions of important technologies presented by expert authors in other chapters of the book to consider the impact of different combinations of key influences on the nature of the power system in 2050. For each scenario there is a discussion of the effects of the key parameters, with a description and pictorial illustration. Summary tables identify the role of the technologies presented in other chapters of the book, and list important figures of interest, such as the capacity and energy production of renewable generation technologies.

Keywords: Energy technology, electricity, sustainable development, environment

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