EPRG 0909

Sarah Lester and Karsten Neuhoff

Understanding the Role of Policy Targets in National and International Governance

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Also published in:

  • Lester, S. and Neuhoff, K. (2009), Policy Targets: Lessons for Effective Implementation of Climate Actions, Climate Policy 9(5)

Abstract: The paper surveys the literature on policy targets in order to inform discussions on the use of performance objectives, programme targets and indicators in the policy process. The focus is on governance, performance budgeting and indicators systems, which are explored in a set of case studies including the Millennium Development Goals of the UN, the UK Public Service Agreements, the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers of the IMF, the Government Performance Results Act targets implemented by the USA and the UK Best Value Performance Indicators.

The analysis points to the importance of outcome-based targets, partnership and accountability for successful policy benefits. Budgeting and financial planning are becoming increasingly important for both domestic and international government. The paper concludes by evaluating the policy regimes of the targets discussed and considering the implications suggested for climate policy.

Keywords: Targets, policy implementation, outcome based indicators, performance measurement

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