EPRG-DG ENER Workshop 9-10 January, 2014

DG ENER and EPRG collaborated on a join workshop that took place 9-10 January in Cambridge, United Kingdom.  There was a dinner held at Clare College the evening of the 9th, including a key-note speech by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt (DG ENER, Director Unit B) and a full-day seminar at Memorial Court, Clare College on the 10th. 


The agenda for this workshop was Future European Electricity Policy: Fuller Details and included the following topics:

·         Integrating Renewables into the Market

·         Market Coupling and the TEM

·         Pricing and Investment

David Newbery (EPRG): Policy response prompted by questions from DG ENER | Click here for PDF

Session 3:

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