Hao Yu

Hao YuHao Yu

PhD candidate in Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEP), Beijing Institute of Technology, China (http://www.ceep.net.cn/)

E-mail: [email protected]

Research areas: Energy and environmental policy; Low-carbon energy; Energy efficiency

Publications :

[1] Hao Yu, Bao-Jun Tang, Xiao-Chen Yuan, Shouyang Wang, Yi-Ming Wei. How do the appliance energy standards work in China? Evidence from room air conditioners. Energy and Buildings, 2015, 86: 833-840.

[2] Hao Yu, Su-Yan Pan, Bao-Jun Tang, Zhi-Fu Mi, Yan Zhang, Yi-Ming Wei. Urban energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Beijing: Current and Future. Energy Efficiency, 2014, in press.

[3] Hao Yu, Bing Wang, Yue-Jun Zhang, Shouyang Wang, Yi-Ming Wei. Public perception of climate change in China: results from the questionnaire survey. Natural Hazards, 2013, 69: 459-472.


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