ISDCP – Project Outcome 2008

Following a kick-off workshop in May, this project develops six country case studies and five discussion papers on international support for domestic climate policy. The country studies focus on domestic climate policies in China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Hungary, and Ghana. While several institutional papers address international incentive schemes and compliance mechanisms, policy targets and metrics, and the role of domestic policies for technology transfer.

Policy Summary and Executive Summary

The first part of the project provides six case studies of six policies and actions with climate co-benefits in developing countries, analyses their supporters and barriers, and explores how international support could improve the speed or scope of their implementation.

Country Case Studies:

  • William Gboney. Policy and Regulatory Framework for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development in Ghana. Download
  • Kate Grant. Concentrated Solar Power in South Africa. Download
  • Haroldo Machado-Filho. Options for International Support for Low-Carbon Transportation Policies in Brazil. Download
  • Anoop Singh. Climate Co-Benefit Policies in India: Domestic Drivers and North-South Cooperation. Download
  • Umashankar Sreenivasamurthy. Domestic Climate Policy for the Steel Sector, India. Download
  • Xiliang Zhang. North-South Cooperation and Private Public Partnership: A Case Study of China Wind Power Industry. Download

The second part of the project reviews mechanisms and institutional arrangements that can facilitate such international cooperation, building on experience in other policy areas:

Institutional papers:

  • James Cust. Intermediate Indicators: Lessons for their Use in Measurement, Reporting and Effective Policy Implementation. Download
  • James Cust, Kate Grant, Ilian Iliev and Karsten Neuhoff. International Cooperation for Innovation and Use of Low-Carbon Energy Technology. Download
  • Sarah Lester and Karsten Neuhoff. The Role Of and Experience From Policy Targets in National and International Government. Download
  • Amichai Magen. Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Cooperation Facilitation System. Download
  • Zsuzsanna Pató. On Twinning: The Hungarian Experience. Download
  • Maike Sippel and Karsten Neuhoff. Lessons from Conditionality Provisions for South-North Cooperation on Climate Policy. Download


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