Short Description: ISDCP

Domestic climate policies play an important part in shifting countries towards a low-carbon development trajectory. Six country case studies explore the domestic drivers and barriers for policies with climate (co-) benefits in developing countries. They were supported with analytic papers on intermediate indicators, lessons from the application of conditionality, the experience from EU accession process and twinning, the experience of compliance system design, and the role of policies and patents in technology transfer. The work was an early contribution to the discussions on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions and their international support. It was presented at various UN meetings and subsequently published as special edition of Climate Policy (Ed Karsten Neuhoff) International Support for Domestic Climate Policies in Developing Countries in October 2009

Amount Awarded: £50,000 (Climate Strategies)

Duration: 2008

EPRG Participants: Karsten Neuhoff, Jim Cust, Sarah Lester

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