Mark Carrington

PhD Student, Department of Chemistry

Email: [email protected]

Supervisors: Prof. Clare Grey & Prof. Oren Scherman

Research topic: Aqueous-organic redox flow batteries for grid-scale energy storage

Research interests: batteries, materials, hard-tech, techno-economics, industry, deep decarbonization, sustainable development

Biography: Mark is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry working under the joint supervision of Professors Clare Grey and Oren Scherman. His work involves the screening, synthesis, and testing of new redox-active materials relevant to battery-based stationary storage. He is fully supported by a Prince of Wales Commonwealth Scholarship.

Prior to his PhD, he conducted work in five scientific research groups (including at Stanford, Berkeley, and KAUST), two multinational engineering corporations (3M and Nutrien), and a UN specialised agency (UNIDO) covering topics in energy ranging from fundamental materials research to renewable energy policy. To date, his work has resulted in a co-authored UN positioning paper, two patent applications and several peer-reviewed publications, including in the journal Nature. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University, where he was president of the Stanford Energy Club, and a master’s degree from Cambridge.

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