Ramit Debnath

University Assistant Professor and Cambridge Zero Fellow;  Visiting Faculty, Caltech

E-mail: [email protected]

Research interest: Energy systems and governance; engineering for sustainable development; energy policy and poverty alleviation

Biography: Dr Ramit Debnath is a university assistant professor and the inaugural Cambridge Zero fellow at the University of Cambridge, and; a visiting faculty associate in Computational Social Science at Caltech. Ramit leads the Cambridge Collective Intelligence & Design Group.

Ramit’s overarching research objectives are to develop collective intelligence approaches using computational social science, machine learning and AI to provide a complex system-level understanding of barriers to climate action in the Anthropocene, their interactions, and how these translate to leverage points for policy and behavioural interventions. His research aims to incorporate the above data to design people-centric and just climate and sustainability action pathways. Ramit has a background in electrical engineering and computational social science, an MPhil-PhD from Cambridge as a Gates Scholar.

For more information about his research please refer to his webpage

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