EPRG Working Papers-2006

EPRG 0601 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Louis Coulomb, Karsten Neuhoff: Learning Curves and Changing Product Attributes: the Case of Wind Turbines

EPRG 0602 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Xinmin Hu, Daniel Ralph: Using EPECs to Model Bilevel Games in Restructured Electricity Markets with Locational Prices

EPRG 0603 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff, Andreas Ehrenmann, Lucy Butler, Jim Cust, Harriet Hoexter, Kim Keats, Adam Kreczko, Graham Sinden: Space and Time: Wind in an Investment Planning Model

EPRG 0604 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Joseph Doucet, Stephen Littlechild: Negotiated Settlements: The development of economic and legal thinking

EPRG 0605 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jean-Michel Glachant, Francois Leveque: Electricity Internal Market in the European Union: What to do next?

EPRG 0606 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff, Rick Sellers: Mainstreaming New Renewable Energy Technologies: Enhancing Market Learning

EPRG 0607 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Reiner: From Public Understanding to Public Policy: Public Views on Energy, Technology & Climate Science in the United States

EPRG 0608 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb: Technical Change Theory and Learning Curves: Patterns of Progress in Energy Technologies

EPRG 0609 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Richard Green, Arturo Lorenzoni, Yannick Perez, Michael Pollitt: Benchmarking Electricity Liberalisation in Europe

EPRG 0610 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Anne Neumann, Christian Von Hirschhausen: Long-Term Contracts and Asset Specificity Revisited – An Empirical Analysis of Producer-Importer Relations in the Natural Gas Industry

EPRG 0611 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: The Relationship Between Regulation and Competition Policy for Network Utilities

EPRG 0612 Non Technical Summary | PDF

William Nuttall: Nuclear Renaissance Requires Nuclear Enlightenment

EPRG 0613 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Stephan Alberth, Chris Hope: Developing the PAGE2002 Model with Endogenous Technical Change

EPRG 0614 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Stephan Alberth, Chris Hope: Policy Implications of Stochastic Learning using a Modified PAGE2002 Model

EPRG 0615 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Stephen Littlechild: Stipulations, the Consumer Advocate and Utility Regulation in Florida

EPRG 0616 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Fabien Roques: Price Cap Regulation and Investment Incentives Under Demand Uncertainty

EPRG 0617 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jos Sijm, Karsten Neuhoff, Yihsu Chen: CO2 Cost Pass Through and Windfall Profits in the Power Sector

EPRG 0618 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff, Kim Keats, Misato Sato: Allocation, Incentives and Distortions: The Impact of EU ETS Emissions Allowance Allocations to the Electricity Sector

EPRG 0619 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Fabien Roques, William Nuttall, David Newbery: Using Probabilistic Analysis to Value Power Generation Investments Under Uncertainty

EPRG 0620 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Angus Johnston: Free allocation of allowances under the EU Emissions Trading System – legal issues

EPRG 0621 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Cameron Hepburn, Michael Grubb, Karsten Neuhoff, Felix Matthes, Maximilien Tse: Auctioning of EU ETS Phase II allowances: how and why?

EPRG 0622 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Michael Grubb, Karsten Neuhoff: Allocation and Competitiveness in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Policy Overview

EPRG 0623 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Bonilla: Energy Prices, Production and the Adoption of Cogeneration in the UK and the Netherlands

EPRG 0624 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: Power Reform, Private Investment and Regional Co-operation

EPRG 0625 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Roland Ismer, Karsten Neuhoff: Commitments through Financial Options: A Way to Facilitate Compliance with Climate Change Obligations

EPRG 0626 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Fabien Roques, David Newbery, William Nuttall: Fuel mix diversification incentives in liberalised electricity markets: a Mean-Variance Portfolio Theory Approach

EPRG 0627 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff: Where can international cooperation support domestic climate policy?

EPRG 0628 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Richard Gilbert, David Newbery: Electricity Merger Policy in the Shadow of Regulation

EPRG 0629 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Joseph Doucet, Stephen Littlechild: Negotiated Settlements and the National Energy Board in Canada

EPRG 0630 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Maria Heinrich, Karsten Neuhoff: Choosing to save

EPRG 0631 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff, Federico Ferrario, Michael Grubb, Etienne Gabel, Kim Keats: Emission projections 2008-2012 versus NAPs II

EPRG 0632 Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karsten Neuhoff, Markus Åhman, Regina Betz, Johanna Cludius, Federico Ferrario, Kristina Holmgren, Gabriella Pal, Michael Grubb, Felix Matthes, Karoline Rogge, Joachim Schleich, Jos Sijm, Andreas Tuerk, Claudia Kettner, Neil Walker: Implications of announced Phase 2 National Allocation Plans for the EU ETS